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Feel free to call us today: 613-322-8684

Empowering girls. Changing lives.

By leveraging the expertise and skills of our members and partners, we focus on the development of the whole girl. At AKHRI–Mothers and Daughters Literacy, we teach girls to value to themselves, to learn, to take risks, as well as to discover and to develop their innate strengths.

Through combining research-based programs, mentoring relationships, and providing a supportive, pro-girl environment, we equip girls to navigate economic, gender, and social barriers. Ultimately, it is our aim to help girls grow up to be educated, healthy, and independent.

We have a range of programs and projects to support the needs of girls and women. Our programs and projects include:

Phase One

Provide Effective Literacy program to rural Girls and Women:

First Village: Diinqal

kid sitting with a pen nad notebook in the hands
view of the village
woman standing holding her both hands
group of people sitting
woman sitting raising the finger
group of people with a notebook and a pen
group picture
woman walking while holding a notebook

Second Villages: Haleeya and Berderwanaag

group of people standing with a paper in the hands
group of people standing with a paper in the hands
man with a camera infront of him
group of people sititng
man walking beside the camera
man with a camera infront of him
woman talking infront with a microphone

Third Village: Burcada Yar

2023 Somaliland Tour and Outreach Event – Hargeisa City Councilor

The testimony of a student of Akhri

AKHRI President Visits Villages and Schools

Mr. Mooge, the Mayor of Hargeisa and Officials

Fourth Village: Aw-Barkhadle

Phase Two

Extend the Literacy program to marginalized communities

In Daami

Phase Three

The Literacy program was also offered to areas where Pastoralists (displaced persons) live.

In the state house : suburb of Hargeisa

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